Monday, May 17, 2010

well, here goes...

So for the looongest time I've been trying and thinking and brainstorming about ideas to name my blog so it would just scream THIS IS COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY, 100% ELISE. But it's been sooo hard! I thought about using just my name, but that's so boring! So then had different names that all included the word Bird. Birds have always been and always will be my favorite animals and pets. They are beautiful, and are used for so many metaphors, ideas, and inspirations. See but I still want my blog to be different, and I feel like anything with birds is kind of trendy right now, so I didn't want to be just another girl trying to follow a trend and fit in. I'm done with that. Then I kept arguing with myself about every title/name i came up with. (I'm very good at arguing with myself.) So I finally came to "walking contradiction". Because I feel I'm just that. I love so many different things and cant be tied down to one specific genre, type, influence, category, description, classification, etc.. I'm kind of all over the place. I hate conforming, but I am easy going, and go with the flow. I hate being told what to do, but I'm respectful and obedient when I see fit. I love vintage but there's nothing like a brand new, never-worn, still smells like the store outfit. I love lazy days when i have absolutely nothing to do but lie around in my jammies, but also love going running and feeling empowered and strong, with sweat dripping down my forehead. Anyway, this title also reminds me of Ever After which has been one of my favorite movies since I was 8 years old. Henry says Danielle is a walking contradiction because she "spouts the ideals of a utopian society, yet she lives the life of a courtier." Though that does sound sort of negative, I think it's really beautiful, and i think it's good to be a walking contradiction. It's like parading differences, and celebrating uniqueness. Which is just the ticket!! :)

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