Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm so excited for school!! Yes, I realize that is a very odd thing for me, Elise to say, but oh well.. :)

P.S. Can i please have all of you lovely ladies outfits? Thank you:) We will be great friends.

When can I move in?

Oh please, oh please can I live in this room? I'd feel like a magical wizard! Already in my room now, my brother said it looks like i go in it to cast spells cuz it's a magical wizard room. But I love it:) hmm. I should post a pic of my bedroom. maybe later:).
But If I had this room it really could be a magical wizard room. It's so beautiful and comfy, and it reminds me of the attic room that Becky and Sarah have to live in in A little Princess (one of my all-time favorite movies). I swear that movie really is magic. Anyway, I'm definitely going to have to copy some things from this room, the bedspread for example. It's funny cuz I really have been on the hunt for an amazing new bedspread for quite some time, though I still REALLY REALLY want the navy bedspread from a few posts ago. I must figure out a way to get it!! Or at least one very similar! :)
p.s. check out the painting above the bed. Beautiful!!

omg tent

Um, hello. If I had a tent like this I would totally love to go camping. Wow, never thought I'd say that.. though even still with this beautiful, magical tent I'd have to bug-spray the heck out of it. Or maybe I'll just get a tent like this for inside. Oh yes, that is a much better plan. So now, If I had a tent like this, I would totally love to go camping...inside. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Cory

So since I was about 7 years old, I have been collecting pigs. ANY KIND of pigs. For my 8th birthday I got a pig from everyone invited to my party at the roller rink. One girl even gave me two of the exact same stuffed/beanie pig that another girl gave me! Then I got some pound piggies that came with a mom and four little piggies. So altogether, I had about ELEVEN pigs. Oh, and some Pound Elephants from another girl-(apparently she didn't get the memo). That was such a fabulous birthday! We roller bladed all evening, ate superman ice cream until we were sick, had some 12 yr old boy party crashers, and loads and loads of pigs!! Still to this day I have so many pigs. However, most of my piggies are old, and I hadn't gotten any new for a while, until this last birthday I told Audie that all I wanted was a pig. She got me the most adorable ceramic pig ever! And even made a little sailor hat out of paper for it! I love it!

Anyway, I was just thinking about this all today and how I've always wanted a real pet pig. Since I was 7 I wanted a pig EXACTLY like Wilbur in "Charlottes Web", and even didn't eat anything from pigs for oh, about a week. Within that week my family went to a funeral, and I actually saved some pieces of ham in a napkin cuz I was so sad about the poor piggy who'd had to die.

So from then on, I wanted a pet pig so I could protect it and make sure it was never ever slaughtered and eaten. A little later, Shawn from BMW had a pet pig in his room named Little Cory! Perfect name!!! Gosh I cant wait til I can have my very own Little Cory!! Future husband? yeah, we're not having dogs. We're havin a little piggy!!! :) Hopefully a teacup one like this little dear!
Aw! And this little piggy went WEE WEE WEE ALL THE WAY HOME TO ME ME ME!! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The What Market?

Today we got up early, (7:30) and drove out to the Tuacahn to see the Farmer's Market out there. Let me just tell you, that was not a Farmers Market. I was really wanting some good fresh fruit, but everything there was those beaded bands that you attach to a watch face, or earrings made out of turquise, or bracelets made out of soda cans. Yes, creative, and there was some cute stuff, but I just wanted some fresh organic fruit, dang it!! So we finally left and went to the REAL Farmers Market in Ancestor Square on blvd and main, and I found what I was looking for. :) Well, almost. The only fruit there were teeny little apricots. So of course, we had to get some along with sugar snap peas, some pretty flowers, some little roma tomatoes, and other delicious veges. So even though I still didn't get all the fresh fruit I wanted, we did get some yummy produce that I am so excited to cook and eat with! Yum! I'll also definitely be making a saturday morning tradition out of this! Except without the Tuacahn part. :)