Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today is the one year anniversary of one of the funnest, most spontaneous and adventurous days in my life. This day last year I was driving down to Redondo Beach, California to be in Boys Like Girl's music video for their single Love Drunk.

It was an absolutely incredible day. Their manager had just emailed me the night before, and I was picked along with two or three other people from the fan club to go be in the music video. As you can guess, I was FREAKING OUT!! So I woke up the next morning, june 29, 2009, and drove the 7 hrs with my awesome friend Dani Whatcott. We finally found our way to the fun house where the video was being shot, and the wardrobe guy gave us and the other extras some vintage shirts to wear, and we started filming!

It was such a fun day to be there and learn how music videos are made, meet a bunch of new people, including Ashley Tisdale who was also in the video, play the totally rad arcade/fun house games :) and to just hang out and get to talk to some of the band members about their music, what inspired some of their songs, and just random things like Bryan's (the bass player) dog, rock for health, warped tour, etc.. It was an amazing experience and I am so happy beyond words that I went. (My parent's weren't too fond of the idea.)

And you can even see me a couple times throughout the video!! Right at the beginning I'm to the right of the screen in the background by ashley tisdale, then two minutes into the video a couple of times:) Except that part I look so funny because the guy told us to pretend like what we were seeing was the coolest thing EVER!! WE did that take a couple times, and they chose the one where I looked like that...hahahaha it's ok though, I'm still glad you can see me at all:) hahaha!

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