Monday, June 14, 2010

To cut or not to cut. That's the REAL question.

So since about December I have been wanting to cut bangs. And not the swoopie kind. The thick, blunt adorable kind. However, I still have not cut them. Usually if I want to do something so life-changing I have to think about it for a while. Then what happens is that I just have a dream about it, and then I'm decided. With this bangs issue, I had a dream that I finally went to get my bangs cut. I loved them and thought they were so adorable, and was so happy. But soon that happy balloon was BURST! The next day (still in my dream) I went to work, and EVERYONE had the same bangs!! WHAT?! I was so so so so so mad, and I woke up from the dream sweating with tears in my eyes and my arms wrapped protectively around my head. So as you can guess, I decided NOT to cut bangs. I feel like it's just a trend, and though I know quite a few beauties that look marvelous with blunt bangs, it's just not for me. I hate being on trend. Though how I wanted to cut my bangs was not really the trendy kind. More the Joan Jett kind. But still. :) Anyway, it's good to get that out. Phew...

See? Her bangs are so so cute on her! Plus her outfit?? B.E.A.utiful!!
p.s. I don't remember where i found this pic, so if you know, please comment so i can give credit to who's it is:)

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