Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh yes, Please!

This is possibly the loveliest dress I have ever laid my eyes upon. Please oh please, I WANT IT!! Seriously it is simply perfect.
though I suppose I'd settle for this one too...
or this little beaute...
Or this:) Don't you love the voluminous sleeves and the precious little birdies on it?!

Oh golly, they're just so lovely! I am so shopping starved!! stupid money saving idea...:( I will definitely need to go shopping in my closet and around my house to come up with some new free outfits. That's ok, it's fun! :) Today I wore a dress as my shirt with a super cute skirt that was $2.00 that I sewed lace around the bottom, and made the waist smaller so I could wear it at my real waist and not my pretend waist, aka (hips). Oh, and I cut off this super cute coral rose charm from one necklace and put it on a longer chain. I decided that was quite a hit! So apparently I have no need to buy expensive clothes anyway!:) Except the ones above of course... they're just sooo beautiful!!

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