Friday, June 25, 2010


You must watch this video. MUST!!

Paper Route has been one of my favorites for a long time, and they seriously just keep continuing to amaze me. The whole mix of everything they do is just fantastic. The melodies, their use of unique instruments, their indie, electronic, "ambient" style, the way they make you actually feel every note and lyric, is just mind- blowingly beautiful. Even all the band members are amazingly sweet. At their last concert I went to, they didn't have time to play one of my favorite songs called "Last time", so JT promised to play it the next time they came to salt lake, and to dedicate it to me! He even wrote his twitter on my hand so we could keep in touch and he would remember. Now if that's not going above and beyond to make a fan happy, then what is?! Seriously, these guys are absolutely incredible, and I will be number one fan forever. So, to help them out, please watch this video. It is for one of their best songs; "Gutter", and it's amazing. They have a goal to get 12,500 views by july 4th! Let's help them get there!! Also, please listen to "Are we all forgotten". The lyrics and message are beautiful, and just so inspiring. love.

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