Thursday, June 17, 2010

raindrops on roses

So the other day it rained in here in my St. george. Crazy, you say? Yeah. I know. But it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I was unaware of the beautiful little droppies coming down until i opened the door to let my puppy out, and there it was..RAIN! So i quick grabbed Celina and we dashed outside to do the rain dance. Yes, I know that is usually done to make it rain, but i like to do the rain dance WHILE it is raining. The rain dance usually consists of legs and arms flailing around as if independent from my body, followed by a quick sprint in the middle of the road to the end of the block and back, then more dancing in the driveway.
The only rule of rain dancing is that you can not wear shoes. Or a coat. Sometimes you can have an umbrella, but only if it is a really stunningly awesome one, (like my clear one, Clarinova). So after dancing,running, skipping, prancing, twirling, and swinging in the rain, we decided to head back inside. It was so fabulous to run back inside absolutely dripping with that magnificent rain water. Mom says it's a very good natural conditioner. Of course it is:) The next day Stephanie and Audrey came home for the weekend! We pretended it was father's day then since they cant come home this weekend for real fathers day. But i thought it was so fun, and my dad was so surprised!! :) I loved having my whole family at home with me. Those are always the best days; days when we can all relax, and just hang out together with good food, and hilarious conversations. Let's face it, my family is hilarious, and i just love them soo much!!

This girl is definitely invited next time we rain dance. But only if she brings her umbrella/spaceship:)


  1. One time I did a rain dance with Audrey, and a few days later was THE flood. Ya, creepy!

  2. Woah Moe you really ARE magic!! ..and a little frightening...:)

  3. good graish! i guess that's one way to stay dry...